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Tune: "Walking In Sunlight"

Verse 1:
God had a job for Phil-ip the preach-er,
A great of-fi-cial is in his way,
An E-thi-opian read-ing the scrip-tures
Would need some help from Phil-ip that day.

"Know you the mean-ing of what you are read-ing?"
"How can I if no one makes it clea-r?"
Then Phil-ip preached to him a-bout Je-sus,
And he the good news was read-y to hear.

Verse 2:
Soon they came to a bod-y of wa-ter.
"Can I be bap-tized? What's to pre-vent?"
They stopped the char-iot, went in the wa-ter.
Phill-ip bap-tized him and then he went

On home to Ga-za. How light his heart felt.
He was re-joic-ing all of the wa-y.
Phil-ip ap-peared in a dis-tant cit-y.
His work was done for Je-sus that day.

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Thank you, Christian Web Host, Inc., and Garden of Praise for a most generous gift and blessing. Truly you are "giving as unto the Lord". An answer to prayer! May Jesus Christ be praised!!
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thank you very muchfor making it easier for sunday school teachers iam happy to see the song along with the lesson
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