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Tune: "We Gather Together"

Verse 1:
The Son of En-cour-age-ment was a good help-er.
They called his name Bar-na-bas, humble was he.
When mon-ey was need-ed he sold a field and gave
The pro-ceeds to the a-pos-tles the poor for to feed.

Verse 2:
With Paul he preached Je-sus to peo-ple in Lys-tra.
The peo-ple then said,"gods for us have come down."
They want-ed to of-fer their sac-ri-fi-ces to them,
But Paul said, "Wor-ship God. It's to Him you should bow."

Verse 3:
The false pro-phet E-ly-mas tried hard to hin-der.
Paul called him a child of the dev-il that day.
The man be-came blind and looked for some-one to lead him.
The ru-ler then be-lieved for he was so a-mazed.

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