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Tune: "There Is Power in the Blood"

Verse 1:
Paul and Si-las ar-rest-ed and flogged
Were thrown in the jail;
The in-ner cell.
Their feet in stocks, they could hard-ly move,
But God was with them they knew well.

They would sing and pray un-to their God,
And their joy would not hide.
Then an earth-quake shook the pri-son walls,
And the doors were o-pened wide.

Verse 2:
The jail-er was rea-dy to take his own life,
But Paul called to him, "We are all here."
"Sirs, tell me what must I do to be saved?"
The an-swer would calm all his fears.

"You must be-lieve in Je-sus th-e Lord.
You'll be saved!" Things were made right.
He took care of their wounds and gave them food,
And was bap-tized on that night.

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