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Tune: "I Love To Tell The Story"

Verse 1:
When Paul was there in A-thens
He walked and looked a-round.
So ver-y man-y i-dols
In the cit-y to-o be found.
Made out of stone and wo-od
And wor-shipped by th-e men.
They bowed down low be-fore them,
Did not know it was sin.

One was to an "un-known god",
And Paul be-gan to tell them,
"This God cre-a-ted the wor-ld
And you must wor-ship Him".

Verse 2:
He does not live in tem-ples fine
Built by the hand-s of man.
He needs not an-y-thing that
We of-fer, bu-t we can
Be-come his much-loved child-ren;
His off-spring now ar-e we.
Re-pent and change your ways so
That you will know that He

Is the true God made know-n.
Be-lieve in His son Je-sus.
No long-er ser-ve your i-dols,
But wor-ship Him with us.

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