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Tune: "We Three Kings of Orient Are"

Verse 1:
Cor-inth was a wi-cked place.
Peo-ple e-vil a-s could be.
God looked down and saw their sin-ning
And s-o dis-pleased was He.

O-h, Paul preached to them. They be-lieved.
Man-y peo-ple changed their ways.
They were bap-tized, fol-lowed Je-sus.
Paul would stay there man-y days.

Verse 2:
In a vi-sion Go-d had said,
"I have man-y peo-ple here".
So in Cor-inth Paul did wor-k
For half a year and a year.

O-h, Paul made tents with his good friends.
They all served God in that town.
A-quil-a and Pris-cil-la helped to
Share the Lord with all a-round.

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