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Tune: "I Am Thine O Lord"

Verse 1:
In an up-per room the dis-ci-ples met
Ver-y high on the thir-d floor.
Eu-ty-chus sat there in the win-dow high
Man-y peo-ple at the door.

Paul knew he would soon be leav-ing them
And he had so much to share.
Un-til mid-night Paul preached on and on.
Glow-ing lamps were ev-'ry-where.

Verse 2:
Eu-ty-chus was so ver-y tired that night.
Would the young man fall a-sleep?
Yes, he did and then fell down to the ground.
Peo-ple there be-gan to weep.

Paul rushed down to where the boy now lay.
He died from the fall so high,
But God re-stored life back in-to him.
What re-joi-cing on that night!

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I love what has been done with these old hymns. You have added scripture stories. What a Blessing. Truly. Thank You.
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