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Tune: "We Have An Anchor"

Verse 1:
Paul was on a ship bound for It-a-ly.
He was go-ing to Rome, Cae-sar for to see.
But the sea-son's late and the wea-ther foul,
Hur-ri-cane winds bl-ew and be-gan to howl.

They threw the car-go o-ver-board,
Then from Paul an en-cour-a-ging word:
"In the night an an-gel came to me
Told me that the men all saved would be."

Verse 2:
Then the storm con-tin-ued for four-teen days.
The ship ran a-ground and was tossed by waves.
As the ship broke up or-ders for the men
Said to jump and swi-m and some float-ed in.

All were saved as was told by Paul.
Is-land-ers there were so kind to all.
Mal-ta was the is-land of res-cue.
Paul was with them three months with the crew.

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