The Brothers

by Franz Defregger

The Brothers

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Franz Defregger liked to paint scenes from everyday life. Here we see a family from the beautiful Tyrol region of the Alps in Austria. Through the years the region has been divided between Austria and Italy.

In this scene the older brother is returning from a school he attends. The school is away from his home and the students wear uniforms as seen in the picture. He is probably home for vacation and is getting to meet his baby brother for the first time. The baby has arrived since he left for school.

The baby doesn't know what to think of this stranger they call "brother", and he pushes him away, but the look of love in his big brother's eyes will soon win him over. The older sister is delighted that her brothers are finally getting to know each other.

The two bare-footed younger children stand back and watch. Little sister is holding her big brother's umbrella and blanket. Grandmother, who probably lives with them, is peering from the background, obviously pleased with her grandchildren.

The family lives simply as shown by the household furnishings. The cradle may have been handmade by Father. Notice the yarn that Mother is rolling into a ball. She probably knits things for the family and may even weave some of the cloth from which she makes their clothes.

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