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These stories of children of long ago are written for children of today so they can learn how children lived in a different era. They can also come to appreciate the blessings they enjoy today. During the 1800's some children were treated very well and pampered by their parents, but some children had a very hard life.

Many children had to work from the time they were very young and did not have opportunities for schooling. Children had to work hard and there were no laws to protect them from abuse. Often parents died young because of the lack of medical knowledge during the time, and children became orphans and had to care for themselves or be placed in difficult circumstances.

The prints featured are from a book, Famous Paintings of the World published in 1894 by Fine Art Publishing Company. Many pictures in the collection were exhibited at the
World's Columbian Exposition; the Chicago Fair in 1893.

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The Brothers by Franz Defregger

On Dress Parade by John George Brown

Vanity by John George Brown

Grandmother's Story by H. Werner

Wandering Savoyards by P. Meyerheim

Soap Bubbles by Elizabeth Gardner

The Professor is Out by Luigi Bechi

The Unwilling Model by Ludwig Knaus

The New Picture Book by Hermann Kaulbach

The Beggars' Breakfast by Jean Geoffrey

The Helping Hand by Emile Renouf

Misery by Fernando Pelez

The Hammock by Georges van den Bos

The Knitting School by Fritz Sonderland

The Sick Bed by H. Lessing

The Lost Child by Enrique Melida

Toilers of the Sea by Edmond Adolphe Rudaux

Mother's Devotion by Johann Meyer von Bremen

Blind Man's Buff by Auguste Joseph Trupheme

The City Cousin by Benjamin Vautier

Catch! by Emile Munier

Visitors' Day by Jean Geoffroy

The Boy Luther at the House of Madame Cotta by Gustav-Adolf Spangenberg

Motherhood by Edouard-Bernard Debat-Ponsan

The Menagerie by Franz Sonderland

Sympathy by Frederick Judd Waugh

Going Home by A. Marias

Evicted by L. Gasperini

Tyrolean Minstrels by Franz Defregger

Music notes

You will find 48 art lessons at
Famous Paintings for Students.


1. Highlight the words as you read the story.

2. Read the story aloud to yourself or your teacher.

3. If you have trouble with some of the words write them down and study them.

4.Read the story aloud again

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