The Unwilling Model

by Ludwig Knaus

The Unwilling Model

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The artist has been going around the region painting landscapes and now his attention turns to the people who live in the area.

He has painted pictures of most of the children here. Then the boys remember their little brother who has been contentedly playing by himself. They drag him in front of the artist saying, "Go ahead."

But this child is afraid of the bearded stranger and is resisting with all his might. The man offers him an apple, but such a reward doesn't mean a thing to him.

This portrait will very likely be unrecorded unless the artist has a camera to capture the scene to paint it later.

The girl on the artist's left is quite amused by everything that is going on.

Look at the enlarged version.
Use your

Look at the folded umbrella by the paint box. The pointed stick beside it will probably become a holder for it. Why do you think the artist carries the umbrella? Is it for rain or for another reason?

How does this picture differ from "The Professor is Out"?

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