The New Picture Book

by Hermann Kaulbach

The New Picture Book

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Little children love to hear a story and the big sister in this scene is reading to the younger ones. Maybe it's the story of the adventures of Jack and the Beanstalk
or Hop-o-my-Thumb.

However, not all the girls are giving the same attention to the story. The oldest child in the white bonnet is most interested and shows her eagerness as she leans forward with her arms on her knees.

The sister sitting to the right of the reader is probably more interested in the pictures than anything else, but she is paying attention.

What about little sister sitting in the wooden chair? She is intent on keeping her slice of rye bread away from the white rabbit. The pout on her face tells us that she is unhappy with the situation and would like for bunny to just go away and leave her alone.

The baby sitting on the stone step at the top of the picture has her own doll and picture book and is oblivious to the story that is being read to the children.

Look at the enlarged version.
Use your

Where do you see the signature of the artist? How did he sign his name?

What have they been feeding the rabbit?

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