The Beggars' Breakfast

by Jean Geoffrey

The Beggars' Breakfast

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This scene of a street in Paris in the late 1800's will bring tears to your eyes. The time is early morning. It is no longer night, but it is not yet day.

They have cooked a pot of soup using scraps of food that a near-by restaurant has thrown out. As it cooks, the smell of food brings the beggars to find something to satisfy their hunger. There are people of all ages, young and old.

A young brother and sister arrive in dirty, tattered clothing. Where did they spend the night? Where are their parents? In those days, before modern medical discoveries, many people died before their children were grown.

Probably these people own only the clothes they are wearing and nothing else. Most of the time they do not know where they will get their next meal. Without a way to make a living, they are dependent upon the charity of others.

We would hope that the artist's painting would soften the hearts of the viewers and cause them to want to help unfortunate people such as these.

Look at the enlarged version.
Use your

How many bowls and spoons do you see in the picture?

What will the children use to eat?

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