God Bless the Children

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(Eight bar introduction)

God bless the children,
Keep them from harm.
Give your protection
Within your strong arm.
Send your defenders
In their behalf
Let little ones always
Be able to laugh.
May those who care for them
Do so with joy.
The happiest childhood
For each girl and boy.
Our most precious treasure
Deserves all our love.
God bless the children
And watch from above.

(Interlude then repeat song)

God bless the children and watch from above.
Please, God... the children. They need all our love.

Rhesa Siregar Arrangement

Belén Mariscotti Vocal Artist

Music Score
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Choral Arrangement
PDF File

Thanks to Rhesa Siregar for the beautiful arrangements below.
The first one has the melody line plus accompaniment , and the second is accompaniment only.
You may download them and use them for performance or recording.
If you make a vocal recording, I would love to have a copy.

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Download the mp3 accompaniment arrangement
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The plight of abused and neglected children began to weigh heavily
on my heart when I got into this project of writing
stories of children who lived long ago.

The idea for a song for the page came to me as my husband and I
were on a bus trip with our senior citizen group
from church. I prayed for the Lord to use me, and within an hour
I had the music and words written on a scrap of paper from my purse.

The song is a prayer for the protection of children everywhere.
The "guardians" mentioned can be interpreted as guardian angels,
or human "angels" who serve as advocates for children.

Reproduction of the music is granted for non-profit use and distribution.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

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photographs at Eye Witness to History

Song may be downloaded for use, but may not be published for profit.
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Mrs. Stevens,
Thank you from First Baptist Church of Springfield, Ohio for writing this wonderful song! We are using it during our Children's Sabbath celebration on the 20th. The lyrics are perfect for such an event. Thanks again, and God bless!
Johanna Clausen
Thank you very much for this wonderful song! My worship team in school will sing this during the blessing for the little children in our Eucharist celebration. God bless you! :)
Thank you for this lovely song. I am taking it to Papua New Guinea for the priest to use during Children's Celebrations and in my Rotary Aid Program with Elementary teachers. Thank you
Thi is a beautiful, inspired song - so thank you very much for it. I am creating a blessing ceremony for my great-niece who is just 1 month old. She has been born during a very difficult year for her parents who are dealing with a very rare form of cancer that has afflicted their young son. The family comproses one other child - the eldest, who is a girl. The ceremony is part of my Interfaith training, and I hope one day soon to be able to deliver it to my dear family.
Wonderful website! It will really help with our newly-formed Sunday School program. You've got everything needed - the scriptures, learning aids, music, games - lots to choose from, especially since the age of our children span several years and classes. Thank you!
Great work to share! It was a blessing to me, now that I the little children sunday school class. Thank you for sharing what God has blessed you with.
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