by L. Gasperini


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This sad scene takes place in Italy, but similar scenes occur in many parts of the world. The family is being evicted from their home. They have been unable to pay the rent and the owner has notified the authorities that he wants the family to move. The officers of the law have come and with force have ejected the occupants of the house.

The young son, wearing tattered clothes, is trying to get his father's attention, but the father is so dejected that he does not notice the child.

Clothes are strewn on the pavement and bedding is piled in a heap. The family's meager belongings are spread out for the neighbors to see.

How have they come to this point? Has Father lost his job? Has there been illness in the family? We don't know the reason.

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What is the woman saying to the mother?

Look for a man signing a paper. Is this the landlord?

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