The Lost Child

by Enrique Melida

The Lost Child

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This Parisian child feels so helpless. She can't find her mother and doesn't know what to do, so she just stands crying in the street.

But she is certainly not alone. Many people have stopped, and what a variety of different people we see here. There are ladies in velvet and costly furs, shopkeepers with bundles under their arms. The woman talking to the child appears to be from the poorer part of Paris. There is a mechanic with tools and a baker boy with a basket of bread on his head.

The child won't be left until someone comes to solve the problem. It will probably be the policeman. She may be afraid of him at first, but he will turn out to be her best friend.

When her mother returns to the spot where she last saw her child, someone no doubt will tell her where she has been taken, and there will be a joyful reunion at the police station.

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