The City Cousin

by Benjamin Vautier

The City Cousin

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Relatives from the city are visiting their family in the country. This is the first time the cousins have met. The city cousin is at a disadvantage in spite of his good clothes and his nice shiny shoes. The country cousin, who is nearer the age of the visitor than the others, wants to be friends and offers his little cousin an apple.

But the city cousin is fearful. Maybe he has had an unpleasant experience with boys in his neighborhood. Perhaps they have teased him or taken his toys or marbles from him. However, he is unsure of the motives of this unfamiliar child.

The city cousin, obviously an only child, hasn't had the experience of learning to get along with other siblings in the family as the country cousin who has a brother and three sisters.

The parents are encouraging the relationship, but not pushing the child into it. No doubt before the day is over he will be playing with the others and begging his mother to let him go barefoot also.

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