by Frederick Judd Waugh


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This little family of children is traveling and have become so tired that they are forced to rest. The older sister is a little mother to the younger ones. The children are warmly dressed and appear to be well cared for. We wonder where they have been and where they are going.

Their faithful dog offers sympathy and rests his head on the child's lap. He looks expectantly into her face waiting for her to awaken.

On the ground we see the family umbrella and the "gather-all" knitted bag that people in France carry for shopping and marketing. (The American artist painted this scene in Paris.)

No doubt a warm home awaits these children, but they seem to still have a way to go as evidenced by their stop to rest.

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Do you think the umbrella was carried to keep off the rain or the sun?

What do you suppose they are carrying in the knitted bag?

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