The Menagerie

by Franz Sonderland

The Menagerie

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This young man has been to the circus and is attempting to recreate it for his sisters. He is playing the part of the ringmaster or "Mr. Merryman" as he was called at the performance.

He has assembled a menagerie.(muh naj uh RE) Look up the word at the Merriam-Webster dictionary link below. There are real animals and stuffed animals. Of course in a circus it would be necessary to have a lion and an elephant. He must depend on stuffed animals to recreate these. The stuffed heron has been borrowed from the top of the bookcase, and the china mouse belongs to someone in the family. The snake department is on the floor.

The real animals include the family pets; the terrier and two cats. He is holding one of them, but the other has become tired of the game and is disappearing over the edge of the table. We see her tail disappearing as she jumps to the floor.

On the floor we see two shuttles which indicate that the children have been playing badminton, but the game has been forgotten while they give attention to their brother's presentation.

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Do you think the family is rich or poor? What makes you think so?

What is the little sister using for a chair?

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