The Boy Luther at the House of Madame Cotta

by Gustav-Adolf Spangenberg

The Boy Luther at the House of Madame Cotta

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Martin Luther was born to a poor family in the town of Eisenach (I zuh nahkh) in central Germany. He had little opportunities for schooling. When he was fourteen years old he tried to support himself so that he could go to school. In those days poor boys could become choir singers to make a little money. Once or twice a week he sang for the families of wealthy townsmen.

He had almost given up when Madame Ursula Cotta offered to help him. She was the wife of a wealthy burgher (citizen of the borough). He had sung at their house and she was so pleased with his manner and had observed how earnest he was at the church services. So she brought him to her own house and gave him a place to stay and provided all of his necessities for four years while he studied. She taught him social graces and helped to guide him.

He was forever grateful to her for all her kindness to him. He considered her an angel of goodness.

He grew up to be the great leader of the religious movement known as the Reformation .

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Madame Cotta appears to be introducing Martin to the family. How many children are in the family?

What does she have hanging from her belt?

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