Visitors' Day

by Jean Geoffroy

Visitors' Day

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The setting for this painting is the children's ward at a hospital. Many children were put in the same room to recover from their illnesses. Visitors could come only once a week.

It is a sad visit for this father because his little girl is so ill. Even though we can't see his face, we can tell how anxious he is about her by the way he is looking at her, and by the way his hands are resting on his knees. She is too sick to talk to him or even to look at him.

He has brought her an orange to eat, but she doesn't feel well enough to even eat it yet.

The little fellow in the next bed is recovering and happily greets his brother. We would hope that the next time the father comes, his little girl will be able to respond to him.

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Why would it be a good idea to put the children together in a ward?

When would it not be a good idea to put them together as they are here?

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