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Joseph was seventeen years old and was the favorite son of his father, Jacob. His father gave him a coat of many colors.

When his brothers saw that their father loved Joseph more, they hated him. He had dreams about his family bowing down to him. They hated him even more when he told them his dreams.

Once his father sent him to see about his brothers as they cared for the sheep.

"Look," they said. "This dreamer is coming. Let's kill him and throw him into a pit. We will say that a wild animal has killed him."

Reuben said, "Don't kill him. Just put him in this pit."

Reuben planned to go back later and get him.

As the brothers sat down to eat, they looked up and saw some men coming on camels. They were traders on their way to Egypt. They sold Joseph to the traders for 20 pieces of silver.

The brothers took his coat and dipped it in the blood of a young goat.

They told their father,"We found this. Do you know whether it is your son's coat or not?"

Jacob said," It is my son's coat. A wild animal has killed him."

Jacob was so sad, and he cried and cried. His sons did not tell their father what had really happened.

Many years later, Joseph became a ruler in Egypt. His brothers came to Egypt and they did bow down to him. Joseph forgave his brothers for the way they had treated him.

Think about this:

Did the brothers lie to their father?

They did not say that Joseph had been killed. The brothers let their father believe that Joseph was dead even though he was not.

We are telling a lie if we let someone believe something that is not true.

How did Joseph feel about his brothers after they were mean to him?

Joseph had a forgiving heart. He forgave his brothers even though they were very cruel to him.

Joseph later told them,"It was not you who sent me here, but God sent me here to save your lives."

This story can be found in the Bible in Genesis chapters 37-45.

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