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The paintings for these stories were done by
Jean Bartlett.

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We have referenced them in the NIV version.
You may want to explore other translations also.

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Thanks to Del Wyatt for the photography.

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Thanks for these materials, they come handy and timely. I use them for my children Bible Club and study materials for my children on Sundays in the church. Thanks sister Stevens. God bless you richly. More grace. SHALOM.
Johnson Odesanya
I really appreciate this site. When we can't make it to church I am able to use this site so they can continue to learn. thank you very much!
Garden of praise you are a blessing,i dont know much about you but i can from what you have done that you truely making a difference.please continue and if there is anyone who can empower me with the things of God,can email me. zambian
edward mulenga
Thanks for all the work that you provide for me to give to my class on wednesday night . Thank you for not keeping to self but the bible states freely give and you have live up to that because you are freely given it to those in need of a word to give to others my the FATHER of our LORD bless you agian I say thanks my kids really enjoy and so do I ...
Mrs. Angela Mcgowan
Thank you for all you do in this site.
I use it to preach the Christ's Word to little Children in Sunday School.
We pray for you, ask God bless you and give you more anointing, idea, so you can be His wonderful tool to spread the gospel for the glory of God.
God bless you
i like to the game of garden of praise
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