Peter Patter Nursery Rimes Peter Patter Nursery Rimes Peter Patter Nursery Rimes

1. Where was the beetle sitting? on a broomstraw
What did the robin and the wren do with the beetle? they ate it

2. Where was the mule sitting? on a milking stool
To whom was he going to write a letter? to his father
Why didn't he write the letter? he couldn't find the ink

3. Who whispered in the child's ear? a dime and a dollar
Why did they tell him to not be sad? they said they would come back

4. What kind of pies had the robin made? cherry
Which insects were in the stew? beetles
Why was the squirrel happy? he had a nest and a wife

5. What did the King have on his platter? brisket and batter
What was the Prince eating? a bun
What kind of flower did the Queen have? a rose
When was she going to smell it? after dinner

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