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These very easy arrangements were written especially for beginning students and are presented here free of charge for your use.

You can print the songs from the PDFs.

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Christmas Music

O Holy Night guitar mp3*

Away in a Manger mp3

Silent Night mp3

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Traditional and Classical Music


Are You Sleeping?

Theme from Mahler Symphony #1

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Yankee Doodle

Sippin' Cider Through a Straw,
American Folk Song

Waltzing Matilda, Australian Folk Song

Mary Had a Little Song

Musette by J.S. Bach

My Heart Ever Faithful by J.S. Bach

America (My Country Tis of Thee)

Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring by J.S. Bach violin score violin mp3*

Life's Treasure by Franz Schubert, Duet

Over the Heather Swedish Folk Song

Little Fugue J.S. Bach

In Tyrolian Hills Mozart

Growing Wool German Folk Song

Cossack Dance Russian Dance

Jeanne d'Arc French Air of the 15th Century

A Hymn of Thanks theme by Beethoven *

Night and Day theme by Haydn

*More Piano Tutorials at You Tube.

Minuet J.S. Bach

Toreador Song from the opera "Carmen" by Bizet

Canon in D Pachelbel

American Patrol Meacham

Etude Op. 10 No. 3 Chopin

Symphony No. 1, Fourth Movement Theme Brahms

Prelude 1 in C Major J.S. Bach

"Surprise" Symphony, Second Movement Theme Haydn

Scene from "Swan Lake" Tchaikovsky

Songs of the Child World

My daughter, Karen gave me a wonderful book of children's songs called Songs of the Child World by Jessie L. Gaynor and Alice C.D. Riley. It was published in 1897 by the John Church Company.

Many of the tunes with accompanying chords will be added here for your musical enjoyment. I use these as sight reading exercises for my students.

You can Print the words to the children's songs.

The Finger Family

Grandma's Knitting Song

The Target Maker

Rub a Dub Dub

Oh Wide, Wide World


The River

The Rainbow

The Birth of the Butterfly

Mistress Doh and Her Neighbors

The Fishes

Boating Song

Dance of the Rainbow Fairies

The Wind Mill

The Wind

The Light Bird

Greeting to the Sun

The Giants

Welcome Song

Good bye

Songs of the Child World No. 1

This group of songs from Songs of the Child World , published in 1897 contains all the songs of the book above with complete copies of the piano music. The words are by Alice Riley and the music was written by Jessie Gaynor. The links go directly to the PDFs which you can freely print for non-profit distribution.

These are excellent songs for pre-schoolers and kindergarten age children.

The piano arrangements are suitable for early learners and the songs can be used for sight-reading practice for more advanced piano and keyboard students.

Note: The midis were transposed to a key which would be a comfortable vocal range for the children. The range for most of the songs is middle C to 4th line D in the treble. The sheet music may be in a higher key.

In order to see the sheet music and hear the midi at the same time you can open two browsers of this page, make them each half page and view them side by side.

After scanning the music I used Smart Score X Midi Edition to make the midis, then tweaked the scores with Cakewalk Music Creator. Please excuse the errors. Most of them were caused by the quality of the page I was scanning. I hope these scores and midis will be helpful to you.


Songs of the Family Relations

The Finger Familymidi

The Fingers' Lullaby midi

The Bird's Nestmidi

The Land of Nodmidi

The Baby's Toysmidi

The Little Housewifemidi

Songs of the Trade World

The Song of Iron midi

Song of the Loaf of Breadmidi

The Blacksmithmidi

The Little Shoemakermidi

Songs of the Wool

The Happy Lambkinsmidi

Song of the Shearermidi

Spinning the Yarn

Grandma's Knitting Song midi

The Target Makermidi

The Target Gamemidi

Christmas Songs

A Letter to Santa Clausmidi

Merry Christmasmidi

The Legend of the Christmas Treemidi

Christmas Carolmidi

Songs of the State Relationship

The Flagmidi

Marching Songmidi


We March Like Soldiersmidi

The Five Knights midi

Songs of the Church

Morning Prayermidi

The Churchmidi

Easter Songmidi

Musical Commands

We'll Stand Up Straightmidi

Let Us All Be Quietmidi

Nature - Earth and Water

Oh, Wide Wide Worldmidi


Blowing Bubblesmidi

The Rivermidi

The Fountainmidi

The Sailor midi

The Fishes midi

Boating Songmidi

Dance of the Rainbow Fairiesmidi

Nature - Air and Light

The Wind Millmidi

The Wind midi

The Light Bird midi

Greeting to the Sunmidi

The Moon Boatmidi

My Shadowmidi

The Rainbowmidi

Songs of the Season

The Leaves' Partymidi

Harvest of the Squirrel
and Honey Bee

Farewell to the Birdsmidi

Thanksgiving Songmidi

Jack Frostmidi

Tracks in the Snowmidi

Sleighing Songmidi

Snow Flakesmidi

New Year's Daymidi

Robin Red Breastmidi

The Tree's Friendsmidi

Spring Songmidi

The Birth of the Butterflymidi

The Butterflymidi

The Dandelionmidi

Little Yellow Dandelionmidi

The Violetmidi

Daffy Down Dillymidi

The Tulipsmidi

The Flymidi

The Bumble Bee midi


Song of the Kitchen Clock

The Tea Kettlemidi

The Owlmidi

Mr. Rooster & Mrs. Hen

The Cat's Cradlemidi

A Recipe for a Valentinemidi

Mistress Doh & Her Neighbors midi

A Little Vocal Lessonmidi


Ball Gamesmidi

Frog and Horsemidi

Hand Plays

The Clapping Songmidi

Mother's Knives and Forksmidi

Songs for Games

Choosing a Gamemidi

Guessing Gamemidi

Winding the Clock midi

Dancing Gamemidi

The Browniesmidi

The Giantsmidi

The Froggie's Swimming Schoolmidi

Call to the Circlemidi

The Popcorn Peoplemidi

Drop the Handkerchiefmidi

Rhythm Game midi

Greeting Songs

Welcome Songmidi

Goodbye (1)midi

Goodbye (2)midi

Morning Greetingmidi

Birthday Greetingmidi

Occupation Songs


Sewing Songmidi

Norman's Work is Finishedmidi

Card Sewingmidi

Songs of the Child World No. 2

This group of songs from Songs of the Child World No. 2 contains many songs about various phases of nature as well as special songs and action songs.

Title Page

Nature Songs

Moon Phases

Good Morningmidi



Mr. Wind and Madam Rain


The Snow Manmidi


The Weather Vanemidi

World Wondersmidi





The Morning Glory Bellsmidi

Milkweed Seeds


The Sweet-Pea Ladiesmidi

Water Liliesmidi

Bird, Insects, and Animals

The Bobolink

The Crowmidi

The Frogmidi

Hickory Dickory Dockmidi

Night Moth

Lady Bugmidi



Mr. and Mrs. Sparrowmidi

Milking Timemidi

The Pigeonmidi

Piggie Wig and Piggie Wee

The Woodpeckermidi

Family and Special Occasions

The Language Lessonmidi


Some Lullabysmidi

Christmas Carolmidi

Christmas Joysmidi

Christmas Secretsmidi

The New Yearmidi

The First Thanksgiving Daymidi


Why Mr. Gobbler Changed His Tunemidi

Trades and Occupations

The Postmanmidi

Sweeping and Dustingmidi

The Electric Light

The Flagmanmidi

The Rag Manmidi

The Mill

The Street Carmidi

The Telephonemidi

The Telegraph

Action Songs


Feather Gamemidi

Boating (No. 2)midi

The Ballmidi


Salute to the Flagmidi

Prism Gamemidi

A Set of Games

The Swingmidi

The Stepping Stonesmidi

The Topmidi


Songs of the Child World No.3

Songs of the Child World No. 3 is another book by Jessie L. Gaynor and Alice C.D. Riley. It was published in 1919 by the John Church Company. The links go directly to the PDFs which you can freely print for non-profit distribution.

These are excellent songs for pre-schoolers and kindergarten age children.

The piano arrangements are suitable for early learners and the songs can be used for sight-reading practice for more advanced piano and keyboard students. I have added the chords to the song pages for instrumentalist.

Title Page


Games and Action Songs

Come and Seemidi

The Band midi


A Dove of Peacemidi

Going Walking midi

Hanging the Clothes to Dry midi

My Garden Spot midi


Playing Soldier midi

The Sleepy Song midi

The Song of the Masonmidi

The Teeter Boardmidi

The Waffle Manmidi


Oh Christmas Nightmidi

Christmas Giftsmidi

Kris Kingle

Pretending Santa Clausmidi

Sleighing Songmidi

The Easter Mornmidi


At Twilight

The Magic Snowmidi

The Miraclemidi

Mistress Mine midi

The Rainmidi

The Sea and I midi

The Snow Dropmidi

The Star Jewelsmidi



The Windmidi

Nursery Rhymes


The Bird's Bath

The Cowmidi

The Watch Dogmidi

The Elephantmidi

Oh Little Fishmidi

The Goosemidi

The Hawk and the Henmidi

The Old Red Henmidi

The Monkey

The Old Grey Owl midi


My Ponymidi


Frisk, little Squirrelmidi

At Home (Mr and Mrs. Wren)midi

Other Songs

The Fire Enginemidi

The Bubble Treemidi

Bye Baby Bunting

The Forestmidi

Good Morningmidi

Ho To Be a Farmermidi

The Lonely Boat

My Clockmidi

My Copy Catmidi

Popcorn midi

In Far Japanmidi

The Rainbow Fairiesmidi

The Secretmidi


The Trombone Manmidi

More printable sheet music can be found at:

Children' Bible Songs link

A Traditional Music Library (sheet music and lyric pages)

Ollie's Piano (jazz sheet music)

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an excellent resource - thankyou
oops.. mistake..i am looking for arrangement for youth choirs..
i am only a piano reader,im having a little problem of improvising, i hope you can provide some arrangements for the songs
Hi there,
My son's fourth grade class is doing a Christmas concert, we have the music for it, but for whatever reason we weren't given the lyrics.

If you can find them, that'd be wonderful.

They are:
Part of the Plan
Little Baby Boy
Maybe a stable
Hey, I'm trying to work here
Pierce the darkness

Thanks so much,
For a long time I have been dreaming of becomming a church pianist but I could not find a teacher to help me and You have made it possible i have no words how can i thank you
Luwith Sangma
Thanks a lot. Great stuff. Kids have been thrilled with the songs.
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