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The Target Maker

I've come to buy a target, sir, And how much must I pay?
It must have five big circles round, in colors bright I say.

The bull's eye you must paint with gold, the next ring must be red,
Then blue and black in order come, exactly as I've said.

Then make the outer circle white, an easy mark to hit,
Now tell me how much I must pay, when you have finished it?

A penny for the smooth round board, with painted circles fair,
A penny for the labor too, that must be done with care.

A penny for the braces firm, of iron strong and stout,
The price is just, who cannot pay, must surely go without.

There are five verses to this song about a target for bow and arrow practice.
It is in the key of G Major. The F in the first measure will be sharped.

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