These free keyboard lessons have been prepared for individual and group instruction for students learning to play the electronic keyboard (synthesizer) or piano.

These lessons could be paired with in home lessons like those offered by Takelessons and other similar companies.

To print the music on these pages use the right mouse on Adobe PDF file above the image of the music .

Free Sheet Music at Garden of Praise

Thanks to a generous friend all these lessons are available in one PDF file (616K).

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Keyboard and Music Theory
PDF File

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Introduction to the

Stepping Up

Stepping Down

Stepping up
to G

Stepping down
to F

Treble Spaces

Treble Lines

Bass Spaces

Bass Lines

Time Signatures

Sharps and Flats

Up and Down
the Hills

Duet for
Multiple Keyboards

Major Scales

Building a
Major Chord

Chord Numbers

The V7 Chord

Chord Progressions

Adding Harmony



Free Sheet Music for Piano/Electronic Keyboard

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I took piano as a kid and am glad I did for music is so beneficial for developing the young mind.
Wonderful Article...Thanks a Lot Mrs. stevens for setting this up. CHEERS
Awsome.maybe i will do better this time
Jinx Lishes
This is what I was searching for. Thanks very much
thanks a lot,very easy to understand may God bless you!
thank you, bless you
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Printable cards for teaching
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