There are many different ways to use chords to add harmony to a melody. We will study some examples and then play the chords in different keys.

You will soon be able to tell whether you need a I (One ) chord, a IV (Four) chord, or a V7 (Five-Seven) chord to harmonize with the notes. You may even find new ways to add harmony to your songs.

You will learn how to use chords in different ways to harmonize in 4/4 time, 3/4 time, and 6/8 time..

Oom Pah in 4/4 Time

Skipping Up and Down the Hills

Rockin' on the Octave

Climbing to the Tenth

Oom Pah in 3/4 Time

Broken Triads in 6/8 Time

Oom Pah in 6/8 Time

Melody Enrichment

Duane Shinn instructs you in
Adding Harmony
Videos show you how to add harmony in different styles.

Keyboard and Music Theory

The Keyboard
Stepping Up
Stepping Down
Stepping Up to G
Stepping Down to F
Treble Spaces
Treble Lines
Bass Spaces
Bass Lines
Time Signatures
Sharps and Flats
Up and Down the Hills
Major Scales
Building a Major Chord
Chords and Inversions
The V7 Chord
Chord Progressions
Adding Harmony

Free sheet music