When you build a V (Five) chord in C Major, the bottom note is G because G is the 5th note of the C Major scale. We know that the G chord is made up of the notes G,B, and D. Now if you add the 7th tone of the scale, F, you have a nice sound for harmony. We can invert the chord and sometimes we leave out one of the tones.

To move from the I (One) chord to the V7 (Five-seven) chord:
keep the top note the same

move the middle note up one-half step

move the bottom note down one-half step.

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 The V7 Chord

You can now play Mary Had a Little Song using the progression you learned in this lesson.

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This is absolutely the clearest explanation of moving from the I chord to a V7. I also had looked all over the Internet and was ready to give up!! Your explanation was simple and made total sense!!
This is the clearest explanation for creating a V7 chord that I have ever read. THANK YOU!!
Thank you so much for explaining C chord V7!! It is so much to learn as a starting adult player and this really helps make sense of it all!
Wow this is great. I have been looking for something all over the internet just to find out what a V7 chord is. Thanks so much!!!
FINALLY- a way to explain this in plain English!! Thanks much!
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