On the keyboard:

A half-step is the distance from one key to the next. It may be a white key, or it may be a black key.

A whole-step is made up of two half-steps.

A Major Scale if built on a pattern of

whole-step, whole-step, half-step,

whole-step, whole-step, whole-step, half-step,

Study and play the C Major scale below. Say the pattern of steps as you play.

Right hand fingering: 1,2,3,(thumb under) 1,2,3,4,5.
Left hand fingering: 5,4,3,2,1,(third finger over) 3,2,1.

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C Major Scale

Study and play the major scales in other keys.

G Major

F Major

D Major

Bb Major

A Major

Eb Major

E Major

Ab Major

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Can you tell me the minor scales please? Mary
If you go to Google search and put in "minor scales" you will find a lot of information about minor scales.

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