G Major Scale

Finding the key:
This key signature has three flats. The flat before the last one is Eb. That is the key; E Flat.

Study and play the E Flat Major scale . Say the pattern of steps as you play.

Right hand fingering: 2, (thumb under) 1,2,3,4, (thumb under) 1,2,3.
Left hand fingering: 3,2,1 (fourth finger over) 4,3,2,1 (third finger over) 3.

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E Major Scale

Keyboard and Music Theory

The Keyboard
Stepping Up
Stepping Down
Stepping Up to G
Stepping Down to F
Treble Spaces
Treble Lines
Bass Spaces
Bass Lines
Time Signatures
Sharps and Flats
Up and Down the Hills
Major Scales
Building a Major Chord
Chords and Inversions
The V7 Chord
Chord Progressions
Adding Harmony

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