There are many online resources available to the music student, parent, or keyboard teacher.
Some of these may be used independently to learn music.
Others may be used to enhance private or group lessons.

At Garden of Praise we offer free Keyboard and Music Theory Lessons with printable pages for your use.

Piano and Keyboard

Piano Lessons
very basic instruction

Go has
Free Online Piano Lessons
and an online playable keyboard.
Gregory Ramsey offers a CD
for the cost of shipping and handling.

Piano Nanny

Free Sheet Music
from 8

Kerby Music
beautiful piano arrangements
of original compositions by Lindy Kerby

More Free Sheet Music

ear training in hearing intervals

Practice reading treble and bass notes


Piano Lessons by Quiescence Music
piano lessons for adults,
some free, others by subscription

Blank Sheet Music
print your own blank sheet music.

Piano Play It
free piano lessons for free spirits

Free Beginner Piano Lessons
with option to buy the full course - Piano Player World

Easy sheet music

Free music (if you buy the CD of piano solos )

Free sheet music, Russian website

Sheet music

Free piano music - Level 1



Piano Playing Resources

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