My daughter-in-law, Leslie, enjoys gardening. She shared this white yarrow with me several years ago.

Mrs. Smith's chrysanthemums were very hardy. The start that I got from her has grown in Plano, Mesquite, and Dallas.

"Yet he has not left himself without testimony; He has shown kindness by giving you rain from heaven and crops in their seasons; he provides you with plenty of food and fills your hearts with joy." Acts 14:17

When Mrs. Smith came to live at the Christian Care Center, we bought her family home in Sweetwater. She had been an avid gardener and I felt that I had to preserve this heritage, so we moved many perennials from her yard in Sweetwater to our yard in Dallas. It was late evening when we returned that day and I turned on a light outside and finished setting everything out before I quit. These plants included: daffodils, Bouncing Betty (soapwort), day lilies, lantana, perennial phlox, and a bush that she called a "cigarette bush". It is a shrub with dainty red -orange flowers covering it in the spring and summer.

Several years earlier, she had given me a lantana bush that she dug up by herself when she was in her 80's. This lantana bush seems to be of stronger stock than lantana plants I have bought since that time. While she was living at the Care Center, we would bring her to our house to see the flowers in bloom, and sometimes I would cut them and take a bouquet to her at CCC.

Eric admiring the Shasta daisies and perennial phlox.

Mrs. Smith grew two varieties. One was the deep pink, and the other a lighter color of pink with a dark center.

"Let heaven and earth praise him." Psalm 69:34

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