by Stewart Graff

This is the remarkable story of Helen Keller who was both blind and deaf.
Annie Sullivan, her teacher, devoted her life to teaching her,
and Helen overcame almost insurmountable odds to become an inspiration to the world.

Word Study 6 - Helen Keller
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The Story of My Life by Helen Keller, Study Guide at Book Rags

2404X: Helen Keller Helen Keller
By Scholastic Trade

How does a blind boy or girl read a book? Helen Keller first learned to read by feeling raised letters with her finger tips. Later she learned the special raised dot alphabet called braille

Featuring pictures of Helen Keller, and in the back cover, the Braille alphabet. Softcover, 95 pages. Scholastic Inc.

067005: Helen Keller Biography FunBook Helen Keller Biography FunBook
By Carole Marsh & Sherry Moss(Editor) / Gallopade International

877053: Helen Keller: Courage in the Dark Helen Keller: Courage in the Dark
By Johanna Hurwitz / Random House, Inc

When a childhood illness leaves her blind and deaf, Helen Keller's life seems hopeless indeed. But her indomitable will and the help of a devoted teacher empower Helen to triumph over incredible adversity. This amazing true story is finally brought to the beginner reader level.

Famous Leaders for Young Readers a biography of Helen Keller for children
Helen Keller Archival Collection American Foundation for the Blind
Braille Bug children can learn about Braille at AFB

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