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See the accompanying Lessons: Famous Paintings Art Appreciation/Lessons for Kids

Albert Bierstadt

Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Mary Cassatt

Anthony van Dyck

Jan van Eyck

Juan de Flandes




Vincent van Gogh

Francisco Goya

Edward Hicks

Hans Holbein the Younger

Winslow Homer

Pieter de Hooch

Ito Jakuchu


Jean Francois Millet

Claude-Oscar Monet




Joshua Reynolds

Henri Rousseau

Peter Paul Rubens

Georges Seurat


Diego Velazquez

Jan Vermeer

Leonardo da Vinci

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I learned paint looking the pictures of the book Famous Paintings, from i was a child, the book was lost years after, but all the pictures remain in mi memory for years and years. I'm very very happy can see again this book, Thanks too much
Pablo Camus
Thanks for the data base of famous artists works.
michael nsimbi
Mimi, the painting you described reminds me of several of Vincent Van Gogh's wheat field series of paintings.
I need help finding a panting that my Sister has it was giveing too her by our Grandmother I can't find it on line it has 2 Men in the Feild working that is all I can tell ya.
God Bless You for putting these together!!! I am a new elementary art teaching for a small private Christian school and I do not have art training...just an appreciation! I just called dickblick to see if they have cd-roms with slideshows of artists that I can show in my classroom, but they do not have anything for sale - just interactive games. This is exactly what I need...on every artist (LOL)!!!
Webmaster's note" You can contact me about a CD for your art class.

Excellent page on short power point presentations.
Thank you for all you do to make school a better day.
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