Over the Heather - Swedish Folk Song

arranged by Pat Stevens

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Music Score
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Over the Heather

Music Score
PDF File

Over the Heather, harder arrangement

This melody is a Swedish folk song. There are two arrangements.

The first one is an easy arrangement with open fifths as an accompaniment.
(The grace notes in this copy are not in the midi, but you can add them.)

The songs contain grace notes . You play the little note and quickly go from the black key (the grace note)
to the note following so that the second note falls on the beat.
If you are using the third finger on the quarter note,
you will use your second finger to play the grace note.
The accompaniment for this arrangement is broken chords in which
the middle tone of the chord is sometimes added as a tenth from the root on the half note.

The rhythm will be a 4/4 time.
Begin ver-r-ry slowly .
When you can play it well slowly, then try it faster.

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