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The Rainbow

The Rainbow

Verse 1:
Oh, arch of glory curving there on high,
Whence comest thou?
Oh, lovely vision lighting all the sky,
What meanest thou?

I come, oh child, from broken rays of light,
I promise thee a clear and peaceful night,
A smiling morn to greet thy waking sight,
Oh, little one, oh, little one.

Verse 2:
Art thou the butterfly of heavenly fields,
Oh, lovely bow?
Then ev'ry heav'nly flow'r that fragrance yields,
Must love thee so.

Oh, no, my child, I shine that all may see
How sweet a messenger of God to be
A heav'nly messenger of hope to thee,
Oh, little one, oh, little one.

This lovely exchange between the children and the rainbow is written in the key of F Major.
B will be flatted throughout the song.

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