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Oh Wide, Wide World

Oh Wide, Wide World

Oh big round world, oh wide, wide world. How wonderful you are.
Your oceans are so very deep, your hills reach up so far.
Down thro' your valleys wide and green, such mighty rivers flow.
Upon your great sky reaching hills, such giant forests grow.

So many lovely blossoms bloom, upon your ample breast
And flow'r and leaf and tree and bud, in colors bright are dressed.
And are you such an old, old world, as all the people say?
And have you really, really lived, forever and a day?

Dear little child the God above made me as well as you,
The glorious sun, the shining stars, up in the heav'ns so blue.
And flow'r and leaf and bud and tree, the hill and valley too,
The river wide, the ocean deep, each has some work to do.

This song was in a section of the book called "Songs of Universal Elements - The Earth"
There are three flats in the key signature; B flat, E flat, and A flat. The key is E Flat.

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