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The Birth of the Butterfly

The Birth of the Butterfly

Caterpillar come from thy tiny egg
On the dewy leaf so green,
The flowers are a-bud, the birds are come,
It is time thou abroad wert seen.
Caterpillar grow, for thy summer's task
Ev'ry busy hour shall fill;
The flowers are awaiting thy second birth,
Then do thy work with a will.

Caterpillar sleep in thy cocoon's fold
In thy snug and silken bed.
The winds may blow, the raindrops fall,
Not a drop shall touch thy head.
Butterfly creep from thy brown cocoon,
Spread thy lovely silken wings;
Ev'ry blossom bright, ev'ry garden flow'r
To thee a welcome brings.

The Birth of the Butterfly is written in the key of F Major.
B will be flatted except in measures 6 and 7 where accidentals change it to a B natural.

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