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Dance of the Rainbow Fairies

Dance of the Rainbow Fairies

We are fairies from fairy land, happy today,
And our dresses are made from the moon's silver ray,
Our wings are of gauze lately washed by the dew,
And flash from their folds ev'ry bright rainbow hue.

So we dance on the dewdrops and on the lake's breast,
On the rainbow that curves o'er the waterfall's crest,
But forth rides the sun in his chariot on high
And home all the bright rainbow fairies must fly.

This song, written in the key of C minor, has three flats; B flat, E flat, and A flat.
There are 6 beats to the measure and the song begins on a pick-up on the count of 6 as you play the two sixteenth notes.
Listen to the midi to hear the sound of the dotted eighth and sixteenth notes.

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