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The Wind

The Wind

Oh, the North wind how he blows,
Romping down the street he goes,
In his play.
And he brings an icy blast
From the snowfields he has passed
On his way.

But the West wind from the plain
Brings dry weather back again,
Clear and bright.
Over farm and field he goes,
Over rolling prairie blows,
Free and light.

Oh, the East wind brings us rain,
Dashing 'gainst the window pane,
Wet and cold.
But tho' chill and wet he blow,
Rain will make the flowers grow,
Buds unfold.

Oh, the South wind soft and mild,
Joyous as a little child
At its play,
Brings the birds and flowers sweet
Back again their friends to greet,
Happy day.

The Wind is also in the section of the book called "Songs of Universal Elements - The Air".
The song starts in the key of D minor (one flat) and changes to D Major(two sharps).

Be sure to observe the rests in measures 5 and 6, and then again in measures 17 and 18.

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