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The Light Bird

The Light Bird

Verses 1,2,3:

Oh, pretty bird of colored light,
Why do you fly away?
You are so lovely, colors bright,
Rest from your never ceasing flight,
I'd love with you to play,
I'd love with you to play.

From the great sun I come to you,
From the great sun on high.
I turn to orange, red and blue,
Glowing with ev'ry rainbow hue,
As round and round I fly,
As round and round I fly.

But in my flight I must not stay,
While shines the sun on high,
I must to flow'r and field away,
Open the blossoms to the day,
So little one goodbye,
So little one goodbye.


The light bird now has flown away,
It will not in the fingers stay,
'Tis made of sunshine warm and bright,
This pretty bird of light.

You will play the verse section three times before playing the last eight measures, the chorus section.
It is written in the key of F Major. B will be flatted except when there is a natural sign as in measures 8 and 19. Observe the accidentals of sharps and flats that occur in the song.

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