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The River

The River

River, river, tell me pray,
Whence you come to meet me,
Rolling swiftly on your way,
Pause awhile and greet me.

Dearest child, I may not wait,
Mountain snowtops feed me,
I must hasten or be late,
For the tasks that need me.

I must water all the fields,
All the flowers growing,
Thus the earth her harvest yields,
As I'm onward flowing.

So I rush and hurry on,
Nor a moment tarry,
Safely to the waiting sea,
Laden ships I carry.

The River is a study in five flats, the key of D flat. The notes to be played on the black keys are B flat, E flat, A flat, D flat, and G flat. In this song you will play all black keys except for the F.

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