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Grandma's Knitting Song

Grandma's Knitting Song

Dear Grandmamma is knitting with her fluffy ball of yarn,
And her needles are so slender and so bright.
She is knitting for the baby a wee shirt to keep him warm,
And the shining needles dance from left to right.

Click! sing the needles as they pull the yarn along,
And the shining points the faster dance and sing.
Softly click, click clicking over under and around,
As the stitches into order fast they bring.

Now the happy task is finished ev'ry stitch and thread and seam,
Has been fashioned by those loving hands with care.
And the wool the old sheep gave us has by all this work been changed,
To a dainty shirt for baby dear to wear.

This song written in 2/4 time will be counted with "1 and 2 and", beginning with a pick-up on "and".The first verse is written in C Major, the second in A minor, and the D.C. al Fine (go back to the top and play the first part again until you come to the word "Fine" pronounced "fee nay") is in the original key of C.

Choose an 8 beat rhythm and play the chords which are written above the melody line.
When you can play it well slowly, then try it faster.

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