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The Finger Family

The Finger Family

This is mother, kind and tender,
Loving all the children dear.
This is father, strong and faithful,
His kind smile is full of cheer.

This is brother, brave and merry,
Growing up so straight and tall.
This is sister, sweet and happy,
Playing with her dearest doll.

This wee finger is the baby,
Dearest, sweetest, best of all,
Here you see the happy fam'ly,
All its members great and small.

This tune about the fingers of the hand is written in 6/8 time.
You will count 1,2,3,4,5,6. An eighth note will get one count and a quarter note two counts.

Choose a 6/8 rhythm and play the chords which are written above the melody line.
When you can play it well slowly, then try it faster.

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