Peter Patter Nursery Rimes Peter Patter Nursery Rimes

1. What made the girl laugh? she saw a donkey throwing kisses at the moon
What made her cry? a gardner cut off a cabbage head
What made her run? a pumpkin made a face at her

2. Where was Timmy going? to school
What did he pick up? a package of gum
Name three people who received gum from Timmy. preacher, Sunday-school teacher, policeman

3. Who were the boys leaving at home? sisters and aunts
What are wienerwursts? hot dogs or sausages
What did Terry Tagg bring with him? his dog
What kind of ship did they have? a log

4. What is a rain barrel? a container for catching rain as it runs off the roof
Where did Hannah Hawkins get wet? in the pond
What is the water in the boy's eyes? tears
What happens in the desert? the water dries up

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