Chinese/Korean/English Poems

These Chinese/English/Korean (meaning) poems were written by Dennis Yunglin Lee, D. D.,
the retired Korean minister and the same author of the Korean and English bible Songs.
He is very happy to share these poems with you to use them for the glory of God.

The Southwest Asian Tsunami

Evolution or Creation?

We Worry Over the Economic Panic

We Lament Over
the World Trade Center

Saved By Faith

How Deeply Have Men Fallen?

Christ's Sacrifice for Us

Depart From Worldliness

Fame Has Two faces

Life in America

Every Living Thing Lives for Others

Christ's Sacrifice for the Sinners

The Religious Liberty

Family Education

Human Education

Holiday Hiking

Weekend Serenity

Pray for all things in Life

Never Waste Time

We Lament for Those Who Kill Themselves

Soccer Games

Life and Problems

The Bible Study

Adam and Eve (I)

Adam and Eve (2)

Noah's Flood (1)

Noah's Flood (2)

Abraham and Isaac (1)

Abraham and Isaac (2)

Joseph (1)

Joseph (2)

The Rise and Fall of Saul

David and Goliath (1)

David and Goliath (2)

David Killed Uriah

David's Repentance

The Famous King Solomon

Absalom, the Evil Son

Hezekiah and the Angel (1)

Hezekiah and the Angel (2)

John the Baptist


Patsy Stevens with Dennis Lee on his visit to Dallas in March 2011.

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