518059: Benjamin Banneker: American Scientific Pioneer Benjamin Banneker: American Scientific Pioneer
By Coughlan Publishing

Learn about Benjamin Banneker's life and scientific accomplishments with this Signature Lives biography. Clear, informative text coupled with historic illustrations and photographs bring added depth, while historical context allows students to look at the era. An engaging portrait of a quiet genius. 112 pages, paperback. Timeline, index, glossary and "life at a glance" page included.

201892: Dear Benjamin Banneker Dear Benjamin Banneker
By Andrea Davis Pinkney / Houghton-mifflin

Benjamin Banneker was born free when most blacks in this country were still enslaved. But it troubled him that not all blacks were free. An accomplished astronomer and mathematician, he decided to take a stand against slavery by writing to then-Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson. This story of their extraordinary correspondence is accompanied by scratchboard oil illustrations. 32 pages, Ages 6-10.

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Washington D.C. northwest boundary stones
Benjamin Banneker boundary stone
Benjamin Banneker Park
Benjamin Banneker cup
Black History bulletin board, Hope Charter School, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Benjamin Banneker School, New Orleans, Louisiana
Benjamin Banneker Museum
"A Man of the Stars", Benjamin Banneker Museum
Benjamin Banneker Almanac
Bannaker Almanac
Banneker Park
Washington D.C. poster
National Great Blacks Museum, wax figures of Crispus Attucks and Benjamin Banneker
Plaque on Banneker obelisk
Benjamin Banneker grave marker
Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museumm