007051: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
By Frederick Douglass / Random House, Inc

This eloquent and dramatic autobiography of the early life of an American slave was first published in 1845, when its author was about twenty-eight years old and had just achieved his freedom. Although it was not uncommon during the era of American slavery for articulate Blacks who escaped to have their experiences published, Narrative of the Life of Fredrick Douglass is unique among these "slave narratives" because of Douglass's eloquent power of expression. The publication of the book also marked the beginning of a career in which the militant and uncompromising Douglass emerged as the first great leader of Afro-Americans in the United States. The powers that enabled him to reach this position are abundantly clear in his Narrative, which, incidentally, was an invaluable source for Harriet Beecher Stowe while she was writing Uncle Tom's Cabin.

008851: Setting the Record Straight: American History In Black & White, DVD Setting the Record Straight: American History In Black & White, DVD
By Vision Video

Setting the Record Straight reintroduces this generation to the forgotten heroes and untold stories from our rich African American political history. In this DVD you'll learn about figures like: Rev. Richard Allen, Rev. Henry Highland Garnet, Rev. Hiram Rhodes Revels, Joseph Hayne Rainey, Jefferson Franklin Long, John Rock, John Roy Lynch and Rev. Frederick Douglass. These heroes - and many others - are presented in this inspiring documentary of African American political history. Coded for all regions. Approx. 98 minutes.
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Frederick Douglass gravestone, Mount Hope Cemetery, Rochester, New York
Statue of head of Frederick Douglass, Fells Point, Maryland
Frederick Douglass' grandson Joseph and his family
Frederick Douglass III
Frederick Douglass and his grandson Joseph
Sons and grandson of Frederick Douglass
Newspaper article about Nettie Washington Douglass
Frederick Douglass museum
Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony sculpture
Frederick Douglass sign "The Growlery"
Frederick Douglass home, Washington D.C.
Frederick Douglass statue
Douglass quote on the base of the statue
Statue at Morgan State, Baltimore, Maryland
Frederick Douglass and his second wife Helen Pitts and their neice
Frederick Douglass mural in Belfast
The Johnson house where Douglass lived after escaping slavery