852410: Benjamin Franklin (Beautiful Feet Books) Benjamin Franklin (Beautiful Feet Books)
By Ingri D'Aulaire / Beautiful Feet Books

Benjamin Franklin details the life of this famous American from his boyhood as one of the youngest of 17 children, to his teen years as an apprentice in his brother's print shop and his later years as an inventor, statesman, diplomat, and signer of the Declaration of Independence. Young people will enjoy learning about the fascinating life Ben Franklin led from the lively text and beautiful illustrations of this d'Aulaire classic. Recommended for ages 4 to 11.

633355: Your Story Hour Volume 6 - Audiobook on CD Your Story Hour Volume 6 - Audiobook on CD
By Your Story Hour

Like old-time radio, these 24 riveting historic dramas bring to life exciting chapters from America's past. Backed by music and sound effects, a professional cast re-enacts the tests and triumphs of both celebrated and lesser known people such as Benjamin Franklin, Belva Ann Lockwood, Walter Reed, Booker T. Washington, and Glenn Cunningham. 12 one-hour CDs in a vinyl storage case.

2847: Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Grade 4, Orange, Teacher Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Grade 4, Orange, Teacher
By Debbie Strayer / Common Sense Press

With literature as a basis, this innovative program uses an integrated approach as it takes your students through all the activities needed to learn reading, grammar, vocabulary, spelling, writing, research, study skills, and more. Just turn to Lesson 1 and begin teaching. The authors have done the work for you in an easy-to-follow format with little or no preparation.

Features you will find in this book:

  • 32 weekly lessons divided into daily plans.
  • 4 book studies (listed in the order they appear): The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner; The Wright Brothers by Augusta Stevenson: Benjamin Franklin by Augusta Stevenson; and The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth George Speare. They include reading skills, vocabulary, higher-order reasoning and more.
  • Everyday words taken from literature teach grammar, spelling, and writing through dictation, activities, and games.
  • Newspaper Unit includes paragraph writing, vocabulary, research, creating a newspaper, and much more.
  • Research Unit includes fact-gathering, note-taking, and step-by-step instructions for writing research papers.
  • Journal Writing involves map making, caption creating, perspective writing, and more.
  • Creating Books allows your students to make their own books with simple, clear instructions for story writing and book binding.
  • Teacher-friendly assessments provide everything you need to evaluate students for a letter grade. Also great for determining the areas of growth needed for each individual student.
The Orange Book has been designed for a 4th grade skill level.

066886: Benjamin Franklin Biography FunBook Benjamin Franklin Biography FunBook
By Carole Marsh & Sherry Moss(Editor) / Gallopade International

Everyone's favorite way to learn about America's most important citizens! Easy-to-read information, facts, trivia, humor and activities are all included in Biography Funbooks! Ages 7-12. paperback.

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Benjamin Franklin: The Man Who Could Do Just About Anything
by Sneed B. Collard (selected pages)

Benjamin Franklin, First Biographies
by Martha E. H. Rustad (selected pages)

Benjamin Franklin, Writer, Inventor, Statesman
by Pamela Hill Nettleton (selected pages)

Benjamin Franklin, Early American Genius
by Maya Glass (selected pages)

Benjamin Franklin, Compass Point Books
by Lucia Raatma (selected pages)

Benjamin Franklin, Bio Graphics
by Rod Espinosa (selected pages)

Benjamin Franklin: Scientist and Statesman
by Brenda Haugen, Andrew Santella (selected pages)

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Benjamin Franklin Bridge
Benjamin Franklin statue in Washington D.C.
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Eminent Men of Letters: Franklin, Library of Congress Building
Hall of Fame for Great Americans, New York Bronx
Hall of Fame set
Birthplace of Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin grave
Information about Franklin's funeral and grave
Plaque in Christ Church Cemetery
Franklin plaque at the cemetery