918704: Galileo"s Leaning Tower Experiment Galileo's Leaning Tower Experiment
By Wendy Macdonald / Charlesbridge Publishing

When the great scientist and professor Galileo meets a bright farm boy, Massimo, the teacher becomes the student. On an ordinary day, Galileo encounters Massimo dropping food from a bridge to his uncle passing below in his boat. This simple action makes Galileo rethink Aristotle's teachings. Galileo takes an interest in Massimo's cleverness, and together, in a series of experiments, the two investigate the science of motion.

Kids will love this lively reimagining of Galileo's Leaning Tower experiment and be encouraged by Massimo's eagerness to learn. With curiosity and a willing teacher, anyone can be a scientist.

918791: Galileo"s Journal, 1609-1610 Galileo's Journal, 1609-1610
By Jeanne Pettanati / Charlesbridge Publishing

On his summer vacation, Galileo Galilei hears about the newly invented telescope and decides to build one of his own. Turning his new "spyglass" to the night sky, he sees things that no one has ever seen before. He discovers that the Milky Way is made of stars, and that the moon has mountains. He also notices a strange formation of "stars" that will eventually turn people's understanding of the world upside down. Fictional journal accounts capture the famous Italian scientist's curiosity and wonder as he makes some of the most amazing discoveries in history.
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Statue of Galileo
Statue at Griffith Observatory
Tomb of Galileo
Close-up of Galileo at Griffith
Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, California
Reconstruction of what would have been Galileo's laboratory
Statue of Galileo
Galileo's Observatory
Galileo in front of Carnegie Museums in Oakland, California
Postcard showing Galileo model
Book at Franklin Institute
Galileo's pendulum